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  2. So glad to see this game has been revived. I remember playing this when it first was a mod, then some time later, about 12 years ago now seeing the update get released, the uberfort servers and then the source update which killed it sadly. Good job!
  3. https://gamebanana.com/maps/63496
  4. Good day everyone I would like to share that I'll be hosting an event on 10th of April @ 20h GMT+1 (Brussels/Amsterdam time). It will be on the sojaway.com server which is located in europe. It will be vanilla SFClassic without any mods (like alliedmodders plugin etc...) I hope to see you guys! (Note: the server is not been tested yet for how much capacity it can hold)
  5. As per Discord... there isn't any permanent servers right now I don't believe, at least not actively maintained. That being said, there's a bunch of Server Admins on Discord that host AD-HOC, such as myself. If there's the demand, I am happy to host a permanent server, but right now I don't see much point for it.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if there were any existing dedicated SF servers or a desire for some? We're currently running TF2 servers and have the extra bandwidth available to host a couple more servers, especially if there is demand for it! I was going to try and get one up and running this week to see how stable it is (haven't played in years). Let me know if anyone has enough interest to pursue this!
  7. Post SourceForts maps here!
  8. If you're willing to play SourceForts, we encourage you to join our Discord server and follow the instructions to be added to the "SourceForts Classic Puggers" group (check the channel #extra-roles). There are PUGs happening during weekends - usually fortnightly - with special servers being started just for them! You can ask for more info from one of the server administrators in there or keep an eye in the #sfc-matches channel for the next match date!
  9. Here are the links to our social media accounts: Discord server Twitter account YouTube channel Facebook page (This needs some organization in near future 😅)
  10. What started as SourceForts 1.9.6 was released as SourceForts Classic 1.0 RC7 in 23rd May 2019. This brings a number of improvements, including support for macOS and Linux clients! There were 26 releases up to this version and it's the current recommended way to play the game You can download it from the ModDB Download Page by selecting the appropriate version in there. You can also check the full changelog below (also included in the downloaded file from ModDB): -------------------------------------------------------- SourceForts Classic - CHANGELOG -----
  11. With a lot of help from @Expression93, the forum is up and running! It is much easier to organize and store information here than in our Discord, so feel free to add screenshots, PUG schedules and general information about the game. Of course, we don't expect this to become crowed early on, but I hope that everyone starts using and enjoying it!
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