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  1. If you're willing to play SourceForts, we encourage you to join our Discord server and follow the instructions to be added to the "SourceForts Classic Puggers" group (check the channel #extra-roles).

    There are PUGs happening during weekends - usually fortnightly - with special servers being started just for them!

    You can ask for more info from one of the server administrators in there or keep an eye in the #sfc-matches channel for the next match date!

  2. What started as SourceForts 1.9.6 was released as SourceForts Classic 1.0 RC7 in 23rd May 2019.

    This brings a number of improvements, including support for macOS and Linux clients!

    There were 26 releases up to this version and it's the current recommended way to play the game


    You can download it from the ModDB Download Page by selecting the appropriate version in there.


    You can also check the full changelog below (also included in the downloaded file from ModDB):

    SourceForts Classic - CHANGELOG
    Release Candidate 7 Changes
    - Fixed infinite sprint bug
    - Added custom crosshairs
    - Added an experimental fix for `block_frozen` and `block_unfrozen` userid always returning 0
    - Minor fixes for server creation dialog information
    - Reverted cl_detailfade and cl_detaildist changes
    - Added missing user_default.scr
    - Maps and assets updates: (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Added tallgrass assets
      o Added sf_metalurgy
      o Added sf_tread
      o Updated sf_fronts
      o Updated sf_sphinx
      o Updated sf_tactical
        v Added experimental new teamwall/doors
      o Updated sf_valley
    Release Candidate 6 Changes
    - Removed the hard-coded restriction of phase lengths being 120 seconds minimum
    - Added a warning if the phase length variable is set to anything below 120 seconds
    - Reverted the particles hard edges fixes, since they didn't work as expected.
    - Added a check so the game won't drain stamina during the build phase. This *might* fix the infinite stamina bug.
    - cl_detailfade now defaults to 5000
    - cl_detaildist now defaults to 7500
    - Improved pure_server_full.txt whitelist to not be overrestrictive and to allow simple mods like crosshair mods or sound mods. (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Updated sf_skywalk (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Removed center spawner
    - Updated sf_tactical (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Overall brightness lowered
    - Added sf_fronts (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Completely redone
      o No tripping hazards anymore! (most small surfaces are now ramps for jumping off of)
      o Middle lowered
      o Side ledges extend into bases more
    Release Candidate 5 Changes
    - Added a workaround for ramp jittery / Client stuck on object issue
    - Fixed weapon viewmodel jitter
    - Added experimental func_teamwall, using Haven Source SDK Source Code as base
    - Updated dedicated GameServerConfig.vdf to match listen server configuration file (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Added a hacky workaround to valve.rc that fixes saved sprays (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Updated maplist.txt and randomized the map order (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Added dev/ textures (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Added missing slime textures (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Added particles hard edges fixes! (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Updated sf_sphinx (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Same changelog as RC4, it was missing from the build
    - Updated sf_tactical (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Changed block spawners
      o Reworked capture points
      o Player Spawns now include minimap
    - Updated sf_overloaded (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Changed block spawners
      o Raised flag slightly
      o Texture alignment fixes
    - Updated sf_abandon (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Made the ceiling taller
      o Replaced missing texture
    Release Candidate 4 Changes
    - Many internal changes, allowing libcurl to work properly on Windows, macOS and Linux (Including RedHat-based distros!)
    - New ConVar `sv_curl_redhat_linux_compatible`.
      o Defaults to 1
      o [Server Side Only] Use local `cacert.pem` file.
        This is required by RedHat-based Linux distros (CentOS, Amazon, etc.) - You should disable this if you're not using those distros.
        Enable this if you're getting CURLE_SSL_CACERT_BADFILE curl errors on logs.
        This variable has no effect on Windows.
    - Added cacert.pem file (downloaded from https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem)
      o By default, the game use this as CA certificates file. You're encouraged to update it whenever you like.
      o To use system CA certificates, change `sv_curl_redhat_linux_compatible` to 0
    - When logging in enabled, SourceForts Banlist will be more verbose about what it's doing, to allow easier identification of issues.
    - Moved gamestartup*.mp3 from VPK to `sound\ui` due to popular request.
    - Updated `gameinfo.txt` with `sv_pure` fixes (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Removed unused `trusted_keys.txt` and added its info to `trusted_keys_base.txt` for `sv_pure` support (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Added missing `steam.inf`, fixing some connection issues, hours display and game display (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - sf_sphinx changes (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Flag drop trigger only triggering one team
      o Sand inside the map raised slightly inside the map to allow strafing on all colored angled surfaces
      o Sphinx paws modified slightly to allow more strafing as scroll jumping is more or less dead.
      o Adjusted clipping on metal "pipes"
      o Red and Blue sides of the sand are now the same
      o Allowed walking on some internal surfaces of the map that were clipped before
      o Adjusted 3d skybox
      o Internally, map is now a lot taller, however no freeze is in the same location
    - sf_tread changes (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Changed sf_treadtrail scroll rate slightly so it matches with the sand scroll rate.
      o Minor changes over the map
    - sf_overloaded changes (Thanks arenaceous!)
      o Fixed a few lightning issues
      o Fixed texture alignment issues
      o Lowered the health and suit chargers slightly
      o Raised the flag so you can sprint up the flag ramp and grab the flag
      o Changed the skybox models to be non solid to prevent console spam
    - Added a scoreboard fix for icons (Thanks arenaceous!)
    Release Candidate 3 Changes
    - Reworked Freeze Status feature (almost) from scratch
    - Added `sf_freezestatus_extended`. When enabled, it shows both the Name and the SteamID64 of the player
    - Updated sf_basin, sf_deck and sf_canyon (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Added magma and tread materials/models (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Improved sv_pure support (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Fixed console spam when damaging blocks
    - Attempted a simple fix to stop the m_flSuitPower issue
    Release Candidate 2 Changes
    - Added sv_lan, sf_team_blocklimit and mp_flashlight to the listen server creation menu (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Fixed the sound spam bug when trying to use a health or armor dispenser from the enemy team or during build phase
    - Added the ability to freeze prop_physics, due to community request
    - Fixed the undefined class bug, but forcing the player into the scout class
    - Made the weapons selection menu render the weapons in the current team color
    - Updated gameinfo.txt, so the user can customize assets using the ./custom/ folder
    - Added customization instructions to the custom/ directory
    - Fixed the behavior of the flah when it's dropped of the edge / touched a func_disposer
    - Updated sf_basin and added sf_depth (thanks arenaceous!)
    - Updated lights.rad
    - Added a workaround for the console spam "Playing sequence X but there's only Y in total?", caused by a HL2DM bug
    - Increased MOTD max size to 4096 bytes
    - Updated motd.txt file
    - Only Blue and Red teams can spawn blocks now, preventing an exploit that allowed players without an assigned team to spawn blocks
    Release Candidate 1 Changes
    - Formely known as "SourceForts 1.9.6 Beta 20"
    - Renamed mod to "SourceForts Classic", as it was the consensus
    - Renamed mod folder to "sfclassic"
    - Many more materials updates by arenaceous
    - Fixed a bug where players wouldn't be able to spawn if they joined the spectator team
    - Added the old "bug" to heal the players as a feature, as requested by the community. Enjoy!
    - Added flag icon to the scoreboard
    - Disabled unused HudScore
    - Fixed a bunch of warnings regarding run/sprint/sprint_drain cvars
    - Added a fix to the ambient generic sounds ( https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Ambient_generic:_stop_and_toggle_fix )
    - Applied the aspect ratio fix for detail sprites ( https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Detail_props/Aspect_ratio_fix )
    - Reverted SLAM attaching behavior (SLAMs can still be killed by enemy players)
    - Added VPK support to the game
    - Added pure_server_whitelist.txt
    - Added trusted_keys.txt with SourceForts Classic public key
    - Added pack-vpk.py utility, to generate a list of materials, models and sounds to be packed, and pack them
    - Added a small fix to vgui_video.cpp (the game doesn't use GAMEUI)
    - Added sf_deck (Thanks arenaceous!)
    - Updated German translation (Thanks Tobel!)
    - Updated French translation (Thanks Sunseille!)
    1.9.6 Beta 19 Changes
    - Cosmetic fixes for the freezestatus feature
    - Map updates by arenaceous
      o sf_abandon
      o sf_astrodome
      o sf_conduit
      o sf_overload
      o sf_skywalk
      o sf_valley
    1.9.6 Beta 18 Changes
    - Updated banlist code
    - Fixed a crash when using console command `showbanlist`
    - Added "freezestatus" feature:
      o When looking at a block of your own team with the build gun, you see who last frozen and unfrozen a block
    - Added Polish translation (Thanks Melectrome!)
    - Added extra font entry to `ClientScheme.res`, used in Freeze Status
    - Fixed sf_charger_health_increment behavior on item_healthcharger
    - Re-added a hack to refresh block counters when someone joins a team
    - Fixed Damage Indicator on the HUD
    - Added a few extra fixes to the linux build
    1.9.6 Beta 17 Changes
    - Fixed macOS build
    - sv_cheats 1 is now required for impulse 51 and 52
    - Fixed a possible memory leak on the grenades
    - Changed banlist code from SteamID/SteamID3 to SteamID64
    - Fixed func_disposer_selective in FGD
    - Fixes to nature materials
    - Added map updates by arenaceous, created from scratch
      o sf_abandon.bsp
      o sf_astrodome.bsp
      o sf_crete.bsp
      o sf_overload.bsp
      o sf_skywalk.bsp
      o sf_sphinx.bsp
    - Added old and new maps by arenaceous
      o sf_conduit.bsp
      o sf_grassy.bsp
      o sf_valley.bsp
      o sf_sandbox.bsp
    - Added sf_valley, sf_conduit, sf_grassy to mapcycle.txt
    1.9.6 Beta 16 Changes
    - Fixed overload materials (Thank you, arenaceous!)
    - Cherry-picked a few PRs from ValveSoftware/source-sdk-2013
      o Fix incompatibility with more recent conforming iconv implementations
      o No longer use ">" to check for pointer validity
      o Improve shell scripts
      o Move cursor to the actual center of the chat box
      o Fix Linux soundscapes
    1.9.6 Beta 15 Changes
    - Fixed Multiplayer Options tab
    - Fixed listen server settings page
    - Fixed a couple client crashes at the end of a match
    - Added Pulsar theme from SourceForts 1.9.2 as alternate game startup music, as requested
    - Fixed Engineer class name being displayed as Builder
    - Updated CHL2_Player::StopSprinting() for consistency
    1.9.6 Beta 14 Changes
    - SLAMs now attaches to physics objects correctly. If the object moves, the SLAM explodes (tonysergi/source-sdk-2013@c6576b4)
    - SLAMs now can be killed by enemies (tonysergi/source-sdk-2013@11b5044)
    - Now func_nofreeze and func_flagzone take in consideration all the possible blocks placed by mappers
    - Enabled freezing of func_physbox by default, as requested on the bugtracker
    - Renamed all materials and models, so they have lower case names. This fixes many issues on linux
    - Replaced the HL2MP logo with the SourceForts logo on the MOTD screen
    1.9.6 Beta 13 Changes
    - Fixed sprint energy depletion on death
    - Re-enabled sv_stickysprint
    - Fixed the issue of the sprint speed after death (m_iClass wasn't being properly replicated)
    - Re-enabled "Suit Equipping" - necessary to fix the sprint issue without hacks (why was it disabled, anyway?)
    - Added base class Item and items item_battery, item_healthkit, item_healthvial (Thank you, arenaceous!)
    1.9.6 Beta 12 Changes
    - Many internal changes to the code. Old bugs might pop up, current bugs might vanish. Keep eyes open!
    - SLAMs are now removed when the player switches teams and classes
    - Fixed oddities with walk, run and sprint speed
    - Added arenaceous updates to the materials directory
    1.9.6 Beta 11 Changes
    A BIG "Thank you!" to arenaceous! Most of the cosmetic changes in this update was his awesome work! :D
    - Fixed Death Messages HUD indicator
    - Added new `sourceforts-extra-glyphs.ttf` font with skull death and block death glyphs - Warning: Programmer's Art included! :P
    - Scoreboard sorting function priority order: score > frags > deaths > join order (for deterministic sorting)
    - Added spectators to the scoreboard
    - Team score on scoreboard is now displayed after the team name
    - Added team coloring to the team header
    - Massive update to SourceForts FGD, updated with SourceSDK 2013 features and small QOL improvements
    - Added missing detail.vbsp and lights.rad
    - Added a bunch of texture fixes and improvements by arenaceous. List below:
      o materials/banner/
        v sf_flag_banner_red
        v sf_flag_banner_blue
      o materials/sf/decals/
        v decal_mark_grey_01
        v decal_sflogo_blue_01
        v decal_sflogo_grey_01
        v decal_sflogo_red_01
      o materials/sf/sf_crete/
        v sf_crete_checker_blue
        v sf_crete_checker_gray
        v sf_crete_checker_red
      o materials/vgui/endgame/
        v sf_logo
      o materials/vgui/sf/
        v BetaLogo.vtf
        v BetaLogoB.vtf
        v BetaLogoR.vtf
      o materials/vgui/logos/
        v spray_flagd
        v spray_gravtool
        v spray_greaterthan
        v spray_nadespam
        v spray_newb
        v spray_rktwhor
      o materials/vgui/logos/ui/
        v spray_canned
        v spray_combine
        v spray_cop
        v spray_dog
        v spray_flagd
        v spray_freeman
        v spray_gravtool
        v spray_greaterthan
        v spray_head
        v spray_lambda
        v spray_nadespam
        v spray_newb
        v spray_plumbed
        v spray_rktwhor
        v spray_soldier
      o materials/crate/
        v crate_tex_final_blue
        v crate_tex_final_grey
        v crate_tex_final_none
        v crate_tex_final_normal
        v crate_tex_final_red
        v crate_tex_final_internal
      o resource/
        v sourceforts.ico
        v sourceforts.tga
        v sourceforts_big.tga
    1.9.6 Beta 10 Changes
    - Added `variables.txt` file to the root of the mod folder with all the custom variables and commands info.
    - Massive Convar and ConCommand cleanup
    - Merged `sf_soldier_combineball_enabled` into `sf_soldier_combineball`
    - Massive code cleanup
    - Added 357 weapon back in. Players should only have access to it through cheats
    - Added descriptions to tons of Console Variables and Commands
    - Fixed "Battery" user message errors
    - Added a few fixes to AR2 alt fire from SourceSDK code
    - Rewritten Scoreboard from scratch
      o It borrows ListPanel from Zombie Master: Reborn code. Go check it out, it's an awesome mod!
      o Spectate section is missing
    1.9.6 Beta 9 Changes
    - Linux binaries!
    1.9.6 Beta 8 Changes
    - `map_restart` command crash fixed
    - Added the cut feature Smoke Grenades from Sourceforts to Scout's SMG1
      o Fixed Scout's SMG1 secondary fire.
      o Added `sf_scout_smoke_grenade` server variable to configure the amount of smoke grenade the scout class spawns. Defaults to 0.
      o By default, players spawn with no grenades. This is a feature easy to abuse and it was added mostly for fun.
      o The smoke grenade behaves differently from Sourceforts mostly due to changes in Source SDK itself. This might never be fixed.
      o It's easy to abuse this feature (with suicides/respawns). Don't turn it on, on public servers.
      o I'm still considering adding a limit timer to it, but might be more trouble than it's worth.
    - Added ar2 alt fire (combine ball) back in
      o This should be considered a Fun feature! It shouldn't ever be enabled on public servers or competitive play!
      o Added `sf_soldier_combineball_enabled` console variable to control if the player can actually shoot combine balls. Default: 0
      o Added `sf_soldier_combineball` console variable to control the amount of ammo the player will spawn. (Will not work if `sf_soldier_combineball_enabled` is set to 0!). Default: 0
      o This "double lock" variable system might be silly, but it's easier to prevent an exploit that way.
    1.9.6 Beta 7 Changes
    - Fixed the invincibility bug
    - Attempt to replace the changeteam command code with HL2DM one (with some minor modifications). Needs testing!
    1.9.6 Beta 6 Changes
    - Sprint energy draining and replenishment should be equal to SourceForts
      o Sprint energy is drained a little bit when you release the sprint button. This is a fix from HL2DM that was kept
      o There is no delay to start recharging the sprint energy
      o Energy is only consumed by sprinting
    - Flashlight should work without interferring with sprint or consume energy (use mp_flashlight to enable it, disabled by default)
    - Water breathing should work without spending energy
    1.9.6 Beta 5 Changes
    - Sprint energy draining should be fixed now
      o With the sprint changes, flashlight and breathing under water might be broken
    1.9.6 Beta 4 Changes
    - "jointeam" command should behave exactly like "changeteam" command now
    - Changed how sprint works, to allow proper prediction (Warning: Stamina draining should be wrong, to be fixed in next build)
    1.9.6 Beta 3 Changes
    - Reverted damage changes in build phase
    - New experimental repositioning when changing teams on build phase
    1.9.6 Beta 2 Changes
    - Removed (experimental) Tony Sergi mp animation fixes, as they caused blocks to be placed incorrectly and had wrong shotgun animations
    - Attempted to solve change team issues on build phase, allowing damage (thus, allowing suicide)
    - Fixed sf_charger_health behavior, now you get healed with the specified amount
    - Fixed team changing crashes in combat phase
    1.9.6 Beta 1 Changes
    - Upgraded to Source SDK 2013!
    - Fixed a bug where attempting to join a team after connecting to a server too fast wouldn't allow the team change
    - Fixed an issue with the old (and broken) sf_banlist
    - Fixed a network error with health wall charger


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